PC Programmable Transmitter for RTDs and Thermocouples
Conax Model: PTH-400

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The Conax Model PTH-400 is a small PC-programable 2-wire transmitter, featuring a state of the art microprocessor based design which enables full configuration with user friendly configuration software.

Standard Features

  • Full featured and highly accurate
  • Configuration technology with no power supply needed to program
  • Full software programmability of sensor type and input range
  • Linearized 4-20mA current loop output for sensor input
  • 2000 Volts I/O isolation
  • RFI/EMI protected, marked
  • Fits in standard Conax T11 head
  • Din Rail mounting adapter available
  • Custom linearization in minutes

All input types and range parameters are easily configurable with user-friendly technology. No power supply is required for programming. The PA-400 programming adapter and the graphic user interface software operate under Windows ® operating systems through the PC's RS232 serial port.