Sealing Glands Introduction

Pressure and Vacuum Sealing Assemblies

Conax Technologies designs and manufactures a complete line of pressure/vacuum mechanical sealing glands and assemblies for wires and probes for virtually every industry. A wide range of catalog standard sealing glands are available from stock, while unlimited custom designs are also available for unique wire or probe sealing applications.

Exclusive "Soft Sealant" Technology
Conax Technologies' exclusive "soft sealant" technology enables easy assembly of the sealing gland by simply inserting the wire or probe and torquing the gland cap. Replaceable sealants permit repeated use of the stainless steel fitting for easy installation and service in the field. Our standard sealant materials include Lava, , Neoprene, Viton® and Grafoil® and are designed, depending on gland type, to seal pressures ranging from vacuum up to 10,000 psi/690 bar involving temperatures ranging from -400°F to 3000°F/
-240°C to +1650°C. Other sealant materials are available for custom applications.

Wire and Probe Sealing
In wire sealing, we routinely accommodate in one gland from 1 to 16 conductors ranging from 24 AWG to 3/4"/.03mm diameter to handle a voltage range from the millivolt level up to 8000 volts and currents up to 400 amps. In probe sealing, from 1 to 40 probes, ranging in size from 0.020"/0.5mm to 1.250"/32 mm diameter, are routinely pressure or vacuum sealed in a single unit. Beyond these, we offer custom or special assemblies.

Quick Links to Gland Types

BSWS- Bearing Wire Sensor Seal

DSPG - Double Split Packing Glands [ VIEW VIDEO ]

EG - Electrode Glands/Ceramic Insulators

EGT - Bare Electrode Glands/One-Piece Insulator

FCA - Fiber Optic High Performance Cable Assemblies

FSA - Fiber Optic High Performance Sealing Assemblies

HEGPK- High Performance Electrode Sealed Feedthrough With Single PEEK

HD - High Density Wire Feedthrough Glands

HL - Hazardous Location Conduit Seal

HPEG - High Pressure 30,000 PSI Bare Electrode Glands

HPPL - High Pressure Sealing Insulated Wire Glands

MHC - Multi-hole Ceramic Glands

MHM - Multi-hole Metal Glands

MK - Midlock Metal Ferrule Glands

PG - Packing Glands [ VIEW VIDEO ]

PGS - Split Packing Glands – Single Bore [ VIEW VIDEO ]

PL - Insulated Wire Power and Thermocouple Lead Glands

SPG - Split Packing Glands – Multiple Bore [ VIEW VIDEO ]

SPA - Process Analyzer Sample Probe Assembly (SPA) [ VIEW VIDEO ]

TG - Transducer Glands for Sealing Bare Wire

TG24T - Transducer Glands with Factory Assembled 24AWG Insulated Leads

TGF - High Temperature Transducer Glands with Factory Assembled
    Fiberglass Insulated Leads

TGM - High Temperature Transducer Glands with Factory Assembled
    1400°F Rated Insulated Leads

Sealing Gland Assembly Instructions

Optional Features

Metric Hole Sizes
Conax Sealing Gland types PG, MHM, SPG, DSPG and PGS are available to seal metric size probes, tubes, analyzers and cables.

Materials of Construction

  • Hastelloy®
  • Titanium
  • Inconel®
  • Monel®
  • 316SST (CRN and NACE)

Other Mounting Methods

  • ASME/ANSI Flanges: Rugged mounting for environmental sealing or securing the position on instrumentation sensor probes.
  • SANITARY Flanges: Designed for pharmaceutical, food and dairy processing.
  • VACUUM Flanges: High performance and reliable sealing in all types of vacuum applications.

Pressure and Vacuum Sealing Assemblies

HL GlandHazardous Location (HL) Gland
The HL Gland is designed for sealing protection in a wide variety of hazardous environments.It is CSA® Certified in the US and Canada with a pressure rating of 500 psig.

HL GlandHigh Pressure Seals Wire / Probe / Tube Seals
for instrument signal wires, electrical power electrodes, temperature probes and fluid or gas transfer tubing. High pressure seals are designed for installation onto the pressure vessel wall using threaded or welded mounting configurations.

HL GlandPacking (PG) Glands Glands for gas/liquid sealing on a single tube or probe (such as a thermocouple, RTD or thermistor probe) using Conax Technologies' "soft sealant" technology.
HL GlandMidlock (MK) Glands
Innovative glands feature a stainless steel ferrule assembly that may be opened and resealed. For sealing a single tube or probe.

HL GlandMulti-Hole Metal (MHM) Glands
Glands for multiple tube or probe sealing that can be customized to accommodate special hole patterns, irregular shapes and higher density requirements for gradient thermocouples, RTDs or thermistor probes, tube bundles, etc.

HL GlandMulti-Hole Ceramic (MHC) Glands
Sealing glands for sealing up to 16 tubes or probes for applications such as multiple thermocouples, RTDs or thermistor probes, tube bundles, liquid level sensors, etc
HL GlandSplit Packing (SPG) and Double Split Packing (DSPG) Glands Split glands for single or multiple probes that can be used wherever the probe cannot be installed through the sealant either because of length or stepped outside diameter.
HL GlandSplit Packing (PGS) Glands
Conax split glands for single probes only are used wherever the probe cannot be installed through the sealant, either because of length or stepped outside diameter. When probe maintenance is required, sealants are easily replaced.


HL GlandTransducer (TG) Glands
For bare wire sealing against gas or liquids, used for various solid bare wire transducers such as thermocouples, strain gauges, thermistors and resistance element leads. TG-C Wire Seal Termination Assembly This lightweight head provides a convenient and compact method of terminating thermocouple wires and connecting cold end leads. Screw posts, mounted in high purity alumina, securely fasten leadwires in position.
HL GlandTG Gland with 24 AWG
Wire This assembly consists of a Conax manufactured transducer gland (TG) provided with a sealant and 24 AWG solid insulated thermocouple grade wires or copper wires. The gland is furnished with 24" of wire on each side. Longer wire lengths can be furnished as required.
HL GlandPower Lead (PL) Glands
Insulated power lead sealing glands provide versatility for sealing against gas or liquid in feedthroughs in autoclaves, transformers, sterilizers and motor power applications.
HL GlandHigh Density (HD)
Mechanically Sealed, Multiple Wire Feedthrough Assembly Continuous wire feedthrough for thermocouples, RTDs and low voltage instrumentation for applications such as sealing of wires exiting glove boxes, pressure vessels, instruments, furnaces, sterilizers and reactors.
HL GlandBearing Sensor Wire (BSWS)
Seal Conax's Bearing Sensor Wire Seal efficiently seals directly on the individual insulated leads of an embedded bearing temperature sensor exiting an oil-filled bearing housing. Typical applications include the sealing of these leads on large motors, generators, turbines, pumps, compressors and journal bearing pedestals.
HL GlandElectrode (EG) Glands
Electrode sealing glands for gas or non-conductive liquid environments where delivery of high current is required. Applications include electrical feedthroughs for vacuum furnaces, liquid level probes, transformers, reactors, etc.
HL GlandElectrode (EGT) Glands
Electrode sealing glands for gas or non-conductive liquids featuring an electrode encompassed by a continuous combined insulator/sealant.