Legacy SPG & DSPG Multi-hole Split Fittings

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Click here to view our new SPGA or DSPGA with full factory torque and pressure ratings

Example: SPG75-062-A2-T


  • SPG Seals 1 To 11 Elements DSPG Seals Up to 17 Elements
  • For Gas or Liquid
  • Stainless Steel Fitting
  • “Soft Sealant”
  • Sealants Are Replaceable Without Requiring Removal Of The Probe From The System
  • Field Adjustable
  • Temperature Range From -400°F to +1600°F (-185°C to +870°C)
  • User to develop the torque and pressure ratngs
    for their unique application

Application Ideas:
Use wherever the total diameter of the probe tip(s) being sealed exceeds the diameter of the sealing orifices (i.e., cable assemblies with factory assembled connectors).

Please visit the SPGA page to view an improved version of the legacy SPG product with full factory torque and pressure ratings