PG Soft Cable Double Sealant Gland

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Example: PG5-625-A-VV

When your requirement calls for sealing on jacketed cables, Conax Technologies’ PG Double Sealant Fitting is the ideal solution. Our PG fitting is modified to accept standard PG sealants inserted into the fitting back-to-back and compressed with a shortened. Pictured is an actual test fixture. Note the reduced compression on the semi-rigid cable using the double sealant design. The design advantage of this gland is that there is an equal seal capability on an extended length of the cable so that each seal requires less compression while offering equal or greater pressure retaining capabilities. Send us a length of your cable. Conax has the in-house pressure testing capabilities to validate an engineered solution. The model number example with two viton sealants is PG5-625-A-VV.