In a quarterly analysis of the silicon wafer industry by SEMI® Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG), worldwide silicon wafer shipments increased during this year’s third quarter. SMG is an independent special interest group of SEMI members whose efforts focus on issues related to the silicon industry. Specifically, SMG focuses on the development of market information and statistics about the silicon industry and the semiconductor market.

Silicon wafers are the building material for most electronics, like computers, cell phones and tablets. Shaped like round disks, silicon wafers can be from one inch to 12 inches in diameter.

What it means for Conax and the consumer

Approximately 20% of all wafers produced begin with the addition of an epitaxial layer. To meet the higher demand, Conax is increasing production capacity of its epitaxial wafer thermocouples. We’re also manufacturing a new version of the thermocouples for the ASM® EPSILON® tool, which will significantly increase thermocouple life and lower the cost for our customers.

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