A COVID-19 Update from Conax

During this time of global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the health of our employees and their families remains of utmost importance at Conax. At the same time, we’re working within federal guidelines and New York State mandates to continue our operations and serve the needs of our customers.

Recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an Executive Order mandating that each employer in New York State reduce the in-person workforce at any New York State work locations by 100%. The executive order provides an exemption for any “essential business or entity providing essential services or functions”. Conax qualifies for continued operation, based on how “essential business” is defined.

We understand that this unprecedented global emergency presents new challenges for all of us. Conax is committed to working closely with you to ensure the safety of the workforce and maintain our ability to serve the needs of our customers and partners.

Thank you.


Our multi-hole fittings are now easier to assemble

Introducing the Conax integral pin

Conax Technologies has enhanced many of our standard and custom-designed multi-hole compression seal fittings by adding an integral pin that makes them easier and faster to assemble.

Most Conax fittings with multiple holes have followers with anti-rotation pins. Previously, these followers had keyways into which separate pins (keys) had to be inserted.

Now, a Conax integral pin is machined into the follower, so you don’t need to hand insert the pin and risk dropping or losing it during assembly.

Left: Follower with integral pin. Right: Legacy follower with separate pin.

Benefits of our new follower with integral pin

  • Increased safety, comfort and convenience. We’ve eliminated the loose pins, so there’s no risk of dropping or losing them. Assembly can now be completed while wearing gloves in cold or chemically hazardous environments.
  • Easier ordering. There’s no need to specify special part numbers or welding to attach the pin to the follower—and no added cost.
  • Easier assembly. You never need to worry about not being able to assemble a fitting because of a missing or incorrectly installed pin.
  • No additional cost. The integral pin fittings are priced the same as their legacy fitting counterparts.
  • Same torque and pressure rating. The integral pin fittings meet the same specifications as legacy fittings with separate pins.
  • Backward compatible. Our integral pin followers are compatible with their legacy follower counterparts to maintain reusability of Conax fittings. There’s no need to buy a new fitting when all you need is a new Replacement Packing Set (RPS) that includes a follower with integral pin.

Find out more

Click here for more details on the benefits of our new integral pin feature on all Conax multi-hole fittings. Or call us at +1 800 223 2389 or contact us here.

To download the new Fitting and Feedthrough Assembly Instructions (brochure number 6026, Rev F) with updated assembly instructions, click here.

Global memory chip market expected to rebound this year

At the end of 2019, IC Insights predicted the NAND flash market will grow by 19% this year, the largest among 33 integrated circuit products. Development in 5G technologies, AI and virtual reality all contribute to the anticipated growth.

After NAND, auto special-purpose IC is expected to grow 13%. DRAM, comes in third with a 12% anticipated growth.

Following a sluggish 2019, the NAND flash memory market is rebounding quicker than the DRAM market, according to a Q4 earnings call with Samsung. The average selling price for DRAM fell, while NAND increased slightly. According to Samsung, it’s too early to determine if the DRAM market is in a demand upcycle­­­­­—that’s likely to be determined mid-year.

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New EGT sensor for FT8 turbines

Conax solution for FT8 turbines outperforms OEM parts

“The major U.S. FT8 users all praise the Conax dual channel as a better option to OEM’s design because they last longer and are more accurate over time. The Conax TC is simply a better product.”

FT8 users are choosing Conax Technologies’ exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensors over OEM sensors in their FT8 turbines. Here’s why:

  • Superior design and quality
  • Proven higher reliability than OEM sensors
  • Hermetically sealed for high accuracy and long life
  • Simple, quick installation that saves time
  • Interchangeable with OEM sensors
  • Typically in stock to provide quick turn around time


Improved design. Superior performance.

Conax Technologies has designed an innovative and unique EGT sensor that meets or exceeds OEM functionality and has proven to be highly reliable through field testing and validation.

Conax uses two dual circuit ungrounded thermocouple probes that are manufactured for balanced loop resistance among all four circuits. This is superior in design to the OEM version that utilizes four single thermocouple probes.

Plus, our solution uses a four-post hermetic connector that exceeds OEM specifications and is adaptable to the existing cable harness.

Find out more

Talk to us today to learn more by calling +1 800 223 2389 or contact us here. To download our latest brochure on Exhaust Gas Thermocouples for the FT8/GG8 Frame, click here.

The Conax team grows by three

We’re proud to introduce three new team members: Amanda Collins, John Moore and Rebecca Kindred.

Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins, Customer Service Professional

Amanda is a well-rounded customer service professional with experience in a variety of industries. From quotation to shipment, she’ll use her expertise to seamlessly assist Conax customers through the entire ordering process.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys music, playing flute, painting/drawing, spending time with her pets, watching movies, being outdoors, running, playing sports, reading and exploring new places/shops.

John Moore, Sales Application Engineer

John Moore

John brings more than 22 years of experience to Conax. His degree in Electrical Engineering led to various sales-related positions in application engineering, product management, service, and operations management at sensor and instrumentation companies.

These roles gave John experience working with customers and providing technical support in many industries including aerospace, industrial, power generation and general testing markets.

His depth and breadth of knowledge makes him an asset to Conax where he provides customized solutions to customers’ challenges in the Gulf Coast US region as a Sales Application Engineer.

Rebecca Kindred, Customer Service Professional

Rebecca Kindred

Rebecca has joined Conax as an International Sales Customer Service Representative. Prior to joining the team, Rebecca spent 7 years working in international sales for the precious metals industry. Her previous experience managing customer accounts, orders, customs rules, regulations and paperwork will help her succeed at Conax.

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys hiking, camping, traveling, spending time with family and friends and watching her son play travel baseball.

Welcome to the team, Amanda, John and Rebecca!

Conax to exhibit at 501F Users Group Conference

Visit us at Table 9 at the February 10 Vendor Fair

Conax Technologies will once again attend the 501F Users Group Conference this year, and will exhibit our products at the Vendor Fair on February 10, 2020.

This year’s conference will be held at the Hilton in West Palm Beach, FL February 9-13 and will give attendees the opportunity to learn the latest news about OEM products, services and innovation, and share information with others in the 501F Users Group community.

If you’re attending the conference, be sure to stop by Table 9 to learn about the innovative solutions Conax offers 501F users, including our Blade Path upgrades and Exhaust Rakes.

For more details on the upcoming conference, visit the conference website.

If you won’t be attending and would like more information on our solutions for 501F users, contact us.

Are you getting everything you can from Conax?

A full range of fittings plus

For over 60 years, Conax customers have trusted us to provide reliable, high-quality fittings and feedthroughs. But if you rely on us solely for compression seal fittings, you may not realize that Conax Technologies also designs and manufactures both standard and unique, customized temperatures sensors for a broad range of applications.

We provide solutions on time and at a competitive cost for a variety of industries worldwide, including furnace, autoclave, power generation, semiconductor, oil and gas, aerospace, and more.

AMS 2750E calibration requirements

We can supply sensors in compliance with AMS 2750E calibration requirements; and we manufacture base metal thermocouples, such as types K, N, E, J and T, that can withstand operating temperatures up to 2300ºF (1260ºC).

High temperature applications

Conax manufactures noble metal, ceramic, and refractory metal TCs, including types S, R, B and C, that can withstand temperatures up to 4200°F (2315°C).
Plus, our soft-sealant pressure/vacuum seals allow for easy adjustment of the sensor length into your process.

Find out more

Our commitment to providing quality, innovative products on time and at a competitive cost continue to make us an indispensable partner for every customer we serve. To view our complete line of temperature sensor product categories, click here.

Talk to us today about any of our standard or custom-designed solutions by calling +1 800 223 2389 or contact us here.



Bright outlook for semiconductor manufacturing industry

For many years, the semiconductor industry has been considered one of the largest contributors in global technological developments, and that is expected to continue well into the coming years. The growth of the semiconductor manufacturing industry is expected to steadily increase, in part due to the emerging technologies in industry segments, including driverless and connected cars, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G communication, Internet of Things (IoT) and more.

The growth of the semiconductor industry and the increase in technically advanced gadgets go hand-in-hand. Technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of people’s lifestyles, creating more demand for semiconductor devices such as chips, sensors, microcontrollers, circuits, displays and cells. Along with this, the increase in applications of AI, IoT, smart homes, computer systems, and more also creates more demand for efficient sensors and semiconductor chips.

Semiconductor sales are currently strong and growing in many industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare diagnostics, and aerospace. Artificial Intelligence is also noted as one of the fastest-growing segments in the industry at this time.

For over 40 years, Conax has been the leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of applications across the semiconductor industry. To learn more about Conax’s standard and custom solutions for the semiconductor industry, click here.

For more information on the 2019 Semiconductor Manufacturing Research Review, visit Research and Markets.


Aimil, Ltd. to showcase Conax turbine sensors and fittings at ASME 2019 Gas Turbine India Conference

Conax Technologies distributor, Aimil, Ltd. will be at the sixth biennial ASME Gas Turbine India Conference in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India on December 5th and 6th. The conference attracts leading professionals in the gas turbine industry whose innovations are shaping the future of turbomachinery.

Aimil, Ltd. will be showcasing Conax Technologies’ temperature sensors and compression seal fittings at the conference exhibition. Aimil, Ltd. will be one of 12 exhibitors showcasing products and solutions for the gas turbine industry.

If you are attending the show, visit Aimil, Ltd. at Stall No. 07 to see Conax temperature sensors and fittings and to talk about our standard and custom solutions for the gas turbine industry.

For more information on ASME 2019, visit the show site. If you cannot attend the show but would like to learn more about our solutions for the gas turbine industry, contact us.




See Conax Technologies’ solutions for the Power Generation industry

Visit Conax at Booth 2308 at POWERGEN International November 19-21 in New Orleans, LA

Conax will be joining over 800 exhibitors at the world’s largest Power Generation industry event, POWERGEN International. This year’s event will take place at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, Halls B-F in New Orleans, Louisiana from November 19-21. Professionals from all over the world will be sharing innovations that affect the future of the Power Gen industry.


Visit Conax at Booth 2308 and enter to win a BOOM™ Speaker

Conax will be at Booth 2308 at this year’s event, showcasing our family of exhaust gas sensors and a wide range of solutions for the Power Gen industry.

Also at the booth, we will be giving away a BOOM™ Bluetooth Speaker! Just stop by to talk to us and drop your business card in the ballot box to be entered to win.

For more information on POWERGEN International 2019, visit the show website. If you can’t attend the show, learn more about our solutions for the Power Generation industry here.