Customized Engineering, Test & Calibration Services

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Conax built its reputation on exceptional engineering capabilities and dedication to a thorough understanding of all aspects of temperature measurement. That tradition continues today, with a full complement of engineering, test, quality assurance and calibration services available in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Conax engineers welcome the opportunity to discuss and develop solutions to challenging applications. In addition, we offer the latest technology in test equipment for prototyping and design to assist in development of new solutions to customer problems.

This dedication to excellence is also a foundation of our quality assurance program. Raw materials for critical components are thoroughly tested prior to assembly, and all RTDs and thermocouples undergo rigorous electrical inspection before shipment. Conax Quality Assurance programs conform to AS9100, ISO 9001/ANSI/ASQC Q9001:2008, MIL-I-45208A standards. Specific tests may be ordered by a customer to meet application standards.

Precious Metals Reclamation

Conax Technologies manufacturers, and offers reclaim credit for, platinum/rhodium precious metals thermocouples. These are commonly called Type-S, Type-R or Type-B thermocouples. To send either thermocouples or precious metals wire to Conax for reclaim, you must first contact Conax to issue an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number to you. When we receive your shipment, we will disassemble, remove and weigh the wire. We will then calculate the value based on the current market pricing of platinum and rhodium. This value is given to the returning company in the form of a credit to apply against current or future invoices. Please contact your Conax sales person for more details.

Platinum Reclaim Program