Recently, we announced the launch of our new EtchDefender™ coating, which is now available on all Conax quartz thermocouple sheaths for ASM® EPSILON®
reactors. Exclusively from Conax, this patent-pending technology extends the life of quartz thermocouple sheaths in ASM® EPSILON®
reactors up to 3X longer.

What does that mean for ASM® EPSILON®
reactor owners in terms of dollars and

Even though TCs coated with EtchDefender™ cost more per thermocouple, ASM® EPSILON®
reactor owners can reduce their overall spend with:

  • Lower cost of TCs—Using fewer thermocouples at a higher price point, you could lower your annual TC spend by as much as 30%.
  • Less reactor downtime—By eliminating 1 to 2 maintenance cycles, you could save $500 to $10,000 per cycle.
  • Higher wafer productivity—Wafer throughput increases by 2% to 5% for a total of $25,000+ per reactor, per year.
  • Higher wafer quality—Reduced likelihood of wafer contamination due to opening chamber for thermocouple changes is invaluable! Plus, there’s no change to the susceptor ring or recipe.

View our EtchDefender™ video below or click here to download a white paper. If you have questions, email Mike Ferraro.

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