Reduce maintenance time with improved replacement sensors

Our team will be in San Antonio, Texas on June 20th for the Frame 6 Users Group trade show to present a unique upgrade kit for Frame 6 turbines.

For older GE Frame turbines, we’ve improved replacement exhaust gas thermocouple sensors that fit older radiation shields. With this new kit, there’s no need for the entire thermocouple to be replaced. The upgrade kit provides a longer lasting sensor that also features lower maintenance time at change out and offers easier maintenance over the OEM products.

Cable assemblies that are purchased with this sensor may be custom manufactured to a desired length. Cables remain fixed in the turbine hot box and only the sensor needs to be removed. Cable assemblies are made from 18 AWG stranded conductors with PFA insulation and are jacketed with stainless steel over braid.

If you’re in San Antonio, stop by Booth #20 to check out a demonstration.

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