When standard exhaust gas sensors in 7F and 9F gas turbines routinely failed prematurely, our team of engineers devised a solution to extend the life of the sensors and eliminate premature failures.


Standard exhaust gas sensors in 7F and 9F gas turbines are at risk for premature failure. As temperatures rise, the radiation shield and sensor sheath expand at different rates, forming a gap between the seat and the radiation shield and the stop on the sensor. The sensor vibrates and the tip eventually breaks, causing the sensor to fail and the gas turbine to trip.

Solution: Spring loaded gas exhaust sensors from Conax

To prevent this from occurring, Conax created the spring loaded gas exhaust sensor. The spring loaded gas exhaust sensor is a high temperature compression spring that is inserted between two spacer tubes. The spring minimizes vibration, which means the sensor is less likely to fail and break. This solution has proven to increase sensor life and provide thousands of hours of operation without failures, preventing down time and saving money.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration.

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