Sensors and seals up to 60,000 PSI

Conax Technologies’ newest product brochure on solutions for high pressure applications is available for immediate download.

High Pressure Thermocouples and RTDs

Our extensive knowledge of the science of temperature measurement and the physical
properties of materials enables our engineers to recommend the most effective solutions
for various application needs.

Conax has designed customized solutions for customers’ specific high pressure
applications, including:

  • Thermocouple and RTD Sensor Assemblies
  • Compression Seal Feedthroughs and Fittings for Wires and Probes

Our sophisticated in-house manufacturing and testing expertise enables us to certify units for these extreme applications.

High Pressure Compression Seal Feedthroughs and Fittings

Conax also manufactures high pressure seals (also known as glands) for electrodes, instrument signal wires and temperature sensor leads. High pressure seals are designed for installation onto the pressure vessel wall using threaded mounting configurations and metal to metal seals.

Talk to us to find out how Conax can engineer the right solution for your needs. To find out more about these solutions, download our brochure here.