Conax solution for FT8 turbines outperforms OEM parts

“The major U.S. FT8 users all praise the Conax dual channel as a better option to OEM’s design because they last longer and are more accurate over time. The Conax TC is simply a better product.”

FT8 users are choosing Conax Technologies’ exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensors over OEM sensors in their FT8 turbines. Here’s why:

  • Superior design and quality
  • Proven higher reliability than OEM sensors
  • Hermetically sealed for high accuracy and long life
  • Simple, quick installation that saves time
  • Interchangeable with OEM sensors
  • Typically in stock to provide quick turn around time

Improved design. Superior performance.

Conax Technologies has designed an innovative and unique EGT sensor that meets or exceeds OEM functionality and has proven to be highly reliable through field testing and validation.

Conax uses two dual circuit ungrounded thermocouple probes that are manufactured for balanced loop resistance among all four circuits. This is superior in design to the OEM version that utilizes four single thermocouple probes.

Plus, our solution uses a four-post hermetic connector that exceeds OEM specifications and is adaptable to the existing cable harness.

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