The Wake Frequency Solution Builder™ from Conax

Conax is making it faster and easier to calculate Wake Frequency for SPAs

Conax Technologies designs and manufactures Sample Probe Assemblies—or SPAs—for a wide range of applications. But before we can manufacture an SPA for a specific process, Wake Frequency calculations need to be conducted to ensure the design will withstand the stresses and strains of the particular process conditions.

To make this easier and more convenient for you, we’ve created the Wake Frequency Solution Builder™.

Wake Frequency Solution Builder™ benefits

Our new tool enables you to enter data for the specific SPA you need and receive immediate calculation results.

  • Generate calculations for ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2010 and/or IEC/TR 61831 standards
  • Confirm that you have a suitable SPA design for use with a flanged or threaded valve
  • Immediately identify design flaws that don’t meet standards
  • Receive fast confirmation for each design element that passes
  • Easily request a cost estimate to produce your SPA or to receive a higher level of design assistance from experienced Conax engineers

Find out more

Click here to see how Conax Technologies’ Wake Frequency Solution Builder™ can quickly and easily ensure you have the right SPA design for your specific application. Or click the link below to go directly to the calculator tool.

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