Real-time gas monitoring to minimize wafer loss and maximize thermocouple life

Conax Technologies introduces LeakDefender™ brand thermocouples. These exclusive Conax TCs are used in ASM® EPSILON® Reactors in conjunction with the TC Sentry System™ to monitor quartz sheaths for leaks in real time.

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In the harsh environment of a reactor, the quartz sheath is attacked and can fail prematurely, causing wafer contamination and reduced tool yield. This leakage cannot be detected right away with standard TCs, and it can lead to operator safety concerns, damage to the tool, wafer yield loss, and unscheduled tool downtime.

Conax Technologies’ exclusive solution

Conax Technologies’ new LeakDefender™ thermocouples are used to monitor the quartz sheaths for gas leaks in real time and allow for fast shut down of the reactor. When a leak is detected in any of the TCs, the TC Sentry System™ can immediately shut down the reactor to avoid costly contamination to the chamber and minimize or eliminate wafer loss. View our video for a demonstration.

The TC Sentry System™ gas monitor is manufactured by Helios Technical Services. This system is capable of detecting minute volumes of hydrogen and triggering one or more control outputs. The ultra-fast detection and response of the system will prevent product loss and contamination of items internal to the process chamber. Detecting a single premature thermocouple sheath failure can save significant time and money.

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