Conax Technologies was added as a voting member for the Nadcap® program during the annual meetings in October. A member of the Conax team was also invited to join the P-R-I Electronics Task Group that develops the Nadcap audit criteria and checklists for accreditations.

Additionally, Conax has been awarded Nadcap® Merit status in recognition of superior performance and commitment to continual improvement in aerospace quality. Nadcap accreditation is globally recognized as a hallmark of quality and is a major accomplishment. By achieving Merit status, Conax has gone a step beyond.

The Nadcap program is universally recognized as the place for aerospace critical process experts to work together, putting quality above competition. Managed by industry representatives for the benefit of all, the Nadcap program adds value to its stakeholders through its integral role in assuring end product quality. In an industry where quality is mission critical, Nadcap works closely with the best of the best toward a mutual goal of making the flying public safer.

Nadcap is an industry-managed program. The Nadcap Management Council (NMC) is made up of Senior Quality Leaders and Managers from aerospace prime contractors (Subscribers) and Suppliers. The audit and accreditation process is overseen and managed by industry. For each critical process, product or system audited by Nadcap, there is a Task Group made up of technical experts from Nadcap-subscribing aerospace prime contractors (Subscribers) and Suppliers.

Conax is proud of its reputation for maintaining the highest industry standards, and we’re gratified to play an important role in conformity assessment along with technical experts from both the aerospace industry and government.