Conax designs an adjustable multi-point thermocouple for furnace while under vacuum.

Industry:  Bearing Manufacturer serving the medical, aerospace and defense industries

Challenge:  This manufacturer has an R&D vacuum furnace. They need the ability to measure temperature at different positions within the furnace; but do not want to lose vacuum integrity (5×10-6 Torr) as the move the load TCs during operation.

Solution:  Conax provided a COMBO fitting, in this case a combination of a MK fitting on one side to seal on a sheath that is inserted into the vacuum furnace.  On the other side of the COMBO fitting is an SPG split fitting that allows the insertion and repositioning of 3 TCs within the vacuum-barrier sheath.

Impact:  This allow the R&D group to check temperature in an infinite number of locations while the furnace in under vacuum and at operation temperatures, saving time and money.