Conax engineered an 8 AWG Type K thermocouple with a heat and abrasion resistant alloy grade HT outer protective pipewell to withstand the constant rotation and vibration inside a cement kiln.

Industry: Cement Kiln Manufacturing

Application: Measurement of temperature inside a rotating kiln, operating temperature 330°C, and stressed by continuous high vibration. The material being processed is nickel laterite ore, an irregular crushed stone approximately 6″ in diameter, with a high moisture content. This material is very abrasive.

Challenge: This application needed a thermocouple assembly rugged enough to measure ore temperature in a very abrasive, high vibration kiln environment.

Solution: A Type K thermocouple made of 8 AWG wire and beaded with two-hole alumina insulators.The 8 AWG Type K thermocouple is placed in a 0.50″ Schedule 40 446 SST pipewell to protect the sensing junction. A 3.00″ OD x 1.50″ ID heat resistant alloy grade HT outer protective pipewell, welded to a 5.25″ OD 310 SST flange, houses the 0.50″ Schedule 40 446 SST pipewell assembly. The outer grade HT pipewell is coated with a 0.05″ thick Nickel/Chrome/Boron coating for the first 3″ to provide extra abrasion resistance.

Impact: The Conax design allowed the customer to provide temperature monitoring of the product in an area that was previously thought to be too harsh for a thermocouple. To date, these sensors have been in service more than 36 months without failure.