Conax developed a reusable MHM gland with Viton sealant to seal an oval conductor at 500 psi.

Industry: Industrial Submersible Oil Well Pumps
Application: Production Proof pressure test cells at 500 psi.

Customer Requirement: This customer wanted to seal an oval, three conductor, 8 AWG down-hole oil well cable measuring 0.85″ wide x 0.37″ thick. The sealing gland had to seal the outer jacket of the oval cable at 500 psi and be suitable for repeated use typical of a production cell.

Conax Design Solution:  An MHM gland with a 1″NPT mounting thread was developed with an oval hole machined through the metal seat, follower and Viton sealant. The gland successfully sealed the oval conductor at the required pressure level. The reusable design provided efficient loading and unloading of the cable in the test cell. Distortion of the cable’s outer jacket is practically non-existent.