Company: Pharmaceutical

Challenge: An RTD assembly was needed to monitor product temperature by piercing a sealed bottle within a sterilization chamber. When not monitoring product temperature, the assembly was also used to monitor internal chamber temperatures. Process temperatures reached 134°C.

Solution: Conax provided a 3-wire, 100 ohm platinum RTD assembly with a 4″ long chisel point tip. The assembly consists of a sealed T3 termination, with 10 feet of treated silicone insulated cable that prevents moisture penetration, and a 0.125″ diameter 316SST sheath.

The assembly offers ±0.12% ohms accuracy @ 0°C. A Conax PG2 sealing gland seals the cable exiting the chamber.

Impact: This product, one of the available configuration options of the Conax “Sterisensor” provides superior quality at a very competitive price. It is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.