Conax designed a special sealing gland with a recessed pocket to achieve greater measurement accuracy in a limited space.

Industry: Industrial Gas Processing
Application: Cryogenic Heat Exchanger

Customer Requirement: The customer needed to measure liquid nitrogen at cryogenic temperatures in the range of-400°F (-240°C) with the highest accuracy possible. The physical space for the probe was extremely limited.

Conax Design Solution: A Conax salesperson and an engineer met with the customer. Our engineer recognized that the limited space presented a serious problem in achieving the accuracy the customer desired. With such a small amount of the probe actually contacting the process media, thermal conduction into the vessel wall and the sealing gland would alter the measurement.

In order to offset this thermal conduction effect, Conax designed a special sealing gland with a recessed pocket that allowed a greater amount of the probe to be exposed to the process. This combined with a 1000 ohm RTD element provided the accuracy the customer needed.

This application demonstrates the engineering expertise that Conax can bring to an application. Without this expertise, the customer would not have recognized the extent of the problem and may not have received a proper solution. This application also demonstrates that our engineering department is willing to travel to a customer location to discuss an application. Please keep this in mind if you encounter a challenging application. Help is just a phone call away!