Conax develops a solution that prevents vacuum leakage which could result in loss of materials that are in process.

Industry: High Brightness LED and MEMS Production

Challenge: A customer’s need to control furnace process temperature under high vacuum conditions led Conax to develop a solution that eliminated the risk of potential leaks into the process chamber. The furnace had a vacuum flange process connection, which could potentially cause the thermocouple to be hit during processing. If the alumina sheath broke as a result of the impact, it could allow a gross vacuum leak into the process chamber and cause loss of product currently under production.

Solution: Conax designed a special “Combo Fitting” that was integrated into the vacuum flange. The Combo Fitting has a seal for the thermocouple sheath, as well as for the thermocouple wires (thermoelements).

Impact: The Combo Fitting eliminates the risk of a vacuum leak into the reactor chamber should the alumina sheath be broken, and materials currently in process are protected.