Conax Technologies’ Combo Fittings

In-process leaks are a thing of the past
with Conax Combo Fittings

Our custom solution eliminates the risk of catastrophic leaks

In-process leaks under vacuum or under pressure can be costly in terms of lost time, materials and finished product. Under certain circumstances, they can also be extremely dangerous.

When customers asked us for a solution that would eliminate the risk of in-process leaks caused by sheath failures, Conax devised the idea for a Combo Fitting that has a seal for the thermocouple sheath and a secondary seal for the wires. The dual seals ensure that, if the sheath breaks or wears out, there will still be no leak into or out of the process.


Vacuum leaks

Conax Combo Fittings are ideal for processes that take many days to complete, utilize expensive raw materials, or when it would be especially costly to lose the finished product due to a vacuum leak into the process.


Case history:

A solar manufacturer with a 20-day poly-crystalline ingot growth cycle experienced a leak into the chamber during a cycle, ruining the ingot and costing the customer time and money. By switching to Conax Combo Fittings, the manufacturer was able to eliminate the risk for potential loss in the future.


Pressure leaks

Leaks out of the process chamber can be even more serious for processes that contain deadly or explosive chemicals.


Case history:

A Conax customer was running a process to dispose of old chemical weapons. During this process, the bomb would be sealed in a chamber and detonated. Then, the atmospheric temperature inside the chamber would be raised to destroy the chemical contaminates. They came to Conax for a solution that would ensure no lethal gas would leak from the chamber during the disposal process. Now they trust Conax Combo Fittings to protect against the leakage of hazardous and potential deadly chemicals.


Customized Combo Fittings

Conax routinely creates fittings using a combination of our PG and MTG fittings. However, we can customize a Combo Fitting to your unique needs using any two Conax fittings.

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