Conax Power Compression Seal Feedthrough (EGT)

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Example: EGT-093-B-SS

* Seals 1 Electode or Element
* For Gas or Non-Conductive Liquid
* Stainless Steel Reusable Fitting
* “Soft Sealant”
* Electrode Easily Assembled or Replaced In Field
* Pressure*: Vacuum to 2,500 PSI (170 bar) (Refer to Pressure Rating Guide)
* Voltage: To 8000 VDC
* Amperage: To 525
* Available Without Electrode

Application Ideas:
Bare electrical feedthrough for vacuum furnaces, liquid level probes, transformers, environmental chamber power leads, etc.
Electrically and/or thermally isolate electrodes, tubes or temperature sensors.

Replacement Sealant (RS) consisting of sealant only:
Example: RS-EGT-093