Conax Roll Temp Assemblies

Conax Roll Temp Assemblies

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Conax Technologies Roll Temp Sensor Assemblies provide repeatable monitoring of surface temperatures on drums, rollers or other moving surfaces. They are ideal for detecting temperature variations in continuous process applications, such as plastic-film processing, wire manufacturing and painting processes. Compact and easy to install, Roll Temp Assemblies are furnished with Conax B2 terminal heads. Brass contact buttons, flush-mounted in a spring-loaded plunger, provide excellent thermal transfer to the temperature sensor. They are available in all base metal thermocouple calibrations. Three models are offered.

Sliding Contact Assembly – Catalog Type RT
* Designed for temperature sensing on surface speeds up to 900 ft. per minute
* Temperature range: -90°F to +500°F (-68°C to +260°C).
* 1/2 lb. spring force on sensor
* Not available in special tolerances
Example: For a Chromel-Constantan thermocouple, the catalog number would be RT-E.

High-Speed Assembly – Catalog Type HSRT
* Features a mounted roller bearing for surface speeds up to 1000 ft. per minute or use on highly polished surfaces that might be damaged by a sliding contact
* Bearing outer race is in contact with the process and the inner race is in intimate contact with the sensor hot junction
* Optional sterling silver roller is available for fast response at slower speeds
* Temperature range: -90°F to +400°F (-68°C to +204°C)
* Not available in dual or triple configurations or in special tolerances
Example: For an Iron-Constantan thermocouple, the catalog number would be HSRT-J.

High-Temperature Assembly – Catalog Type HTRT
* Temperature range: -90°F to +700°F (-68°C to +371°C)
* Similar in construction to Type HSRT except that continuous surface contact is assured by use of a Conax Technologies spring-loaded packing gland assembly
* Speeds up to 1000 ft./min.
* Available in all base metal calibrations
* Not available in dual or triple configurations or in special tolerances
Example: For a Chromel-Alumel thermocouple, the catalog number would be HTRT-K.

Note: Due to factors of friction and dynamic properties of the environment, these sensors may not conform to ANSI/ASTM published tolerances. Mounting bracket dimensions: 4-1/2″ x 1″ x 1/8″ with four 0.250″ diameter mounting holes over a 2-1/2″ length.


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