Conax RTD Assemblies

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Conax Technologies’ wirewound platinum RTD assemblies feature a wirewound element encased in either a stainless steel or Inconel 600 sheath. The RTD’s nickel leadwires are supported and insulated throughout the sheath with densely compacted high-purity magnesium oxide. This allows the sensor to be bent like a thermocouple except in the tip portion that contains the element.

Thin film platinum element assemblies (M-style) use a powder-filled tubewell construction with bare leadwire strung through pre-formed MgO insulators and attached directly to the element. This assembly is inserted into a closed-end tubewell, which is then filled with Al2O3 powder and capped with potting compound.

Copper and nickel element assemblies (E-style) feature a similar tubewell construction, with PTFE®-insulated lead wires brazed to the element. The tubewell is then filled with Al2O3 powder and capped with potting compound. In both cases, the minimum active length is 3″ and the assemblies should not be bent.

RTD assemblies can be provided with a wide variety of termination styles and mounting fittings to meet the needs of your application. Conax Technologies also offers numerous sensor tolerances, sheath diameters and sheath materials. This section outlines the key choices needed to specify the correct Conax Technologies part description for your needs. In each case, you will be asked to select the:

  • sensor element to meet your operating conditions and specifications
  • sensor tolerance
  • lead configuration corresponding to the number of leads your application requires
  • sheath material and size
  • termination style
  • optional mounting configuration
  • sheath length