Conax Safety Well Thermocouple Assemblies

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Conax WTG and XTG thermocouple assemblies employ TG Fittings as the component part for sealing sensor thermocouple wires and the primary environment seal. The seal prevents contamination of the electronics within the terminal head and leakage of gas or liquid into the control room.

* WTG – Grounded Junction

* XTG – Bare Wire Junction

Assemblies consist of base metal thermocouple wire (Types E, J, T and K) surrounded by hard-fired alumina insulators. Use of hard-fired insulators eliminates low IR problems often found in MgO mineral insulated wire junctions. Exposed junction thermocouples offer excellent temperature measurement speed of response.

The Conax TG Fitting uses Conax-designed “soft sealant” technology to seal on the bare wires. It is available with Lava, PTFE, Neoprene or Viton sealant materials. Selection of the proper sealant is dependent on the application. For details, request Conax’s Pressure and Vacuum Sealing Assemblies catalog or contact a Conax sales engineer. The protection tube is welded to the fitting body on the mounting thread side. The other end of the fitting is attached to the terminal head.