Conax Sensor Probes with 90° Bends

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Thermocouple and RTD sensors are available with a single right angle (90°) bend in the sheath. This is indicated by adding a dimension and the letter “R” to the catalog description. The dimension indicates the distance from the tip of the sensor to the start of the bend. The standard bend radius is 1/2″ for 0.062″ diameters and smaller, 3/4″ for 0.125″-0.250″ diameters, and 2″ for 0.375″ diameters.

Example: RTD43W3-SS25-T1-12.00″, 4.50R

In general accepted practice, the bend should never start closer to the tip than 3″ for any RTD; or for thermocouples, 1/2″ for 0.062″ and smaller probe diameters; 2″ for 0.375″ probe diameters or 4 times the sheath diameter for 0.125″ through 0.250″ probe diameters. The termination should not be closer than 3/8″ from the completion of the bend. For 0.375″ probe diameters, the termination should be no closer than 2″ from the bend. Type ERTD and MRTD assemblies should never be bent. Other bend radii and multiple bends are available as custom items. Consult factory.