Conax Termination – Terminal Barrel with Lead Wire for RTDs (T4)

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This modification of the T3 termination provides a stainless steel overbraid for maximum flexibility and abrasion resistance. The overbraid is embedded in the potting compound to ensure mechanical strength.

* Standard leadwires are 24 AWG stranded silver-plated copper insulated wire.
* All probes with 4 wires or less include a spring to dampen vibration and reduce abrasion of the leadwire.
* Standard cold end lead length is 24″. Longer leads are available on request. Specify in feet, e.g. T4(3FT).
*The terminal barrel is larger than the sheath, crimped to the sheath and filled with potting compound to prevent moisture penetration. Barrel diameter sizes: up to 4-wire probes – 0.375″, 6- and 8-wire probes – 0.500″.
*T4(HT) high temperature model uses fiberglass braid insulated wire and high temperature insulation compound to achieve service temperature upper limit of 900°F (480°C).