Transmitter 2-Wire Programmable Head Mount T/C Transmitter – Model 5334A

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2-Wire Programmable Head Mount T/C Transmitter) – Model 5334A

* TC or mV Input
* Extremely High Measurement Accuracy
* 1.5 kVAC Galvanic Isolation
* Programmable Sensor Error Value

* Linearized temperature measurement for TC sensor.
* Amplification of bipolar mV signals to a 4…20 mA signal, optionally linearized according to a defined linearization function.

Technical Characteristics:
* Programmable within seconds to measure temperatures within all standard sensor ranges.
* Cold junction compensation (CJC) with a built-in temperature sensor.
* Continuous check of vital stored data.

Mounting / Installation:
* DIN Form B sensor head compatible
* Supplied with 2 x M4 screws on a 33 mm(1.3″) BC (optional 6-32 screws available).