Conax Trimmable Sheath RTD Assembly

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Trimmable RTDs provide versatility, accuracy and ease of use in one rugged unit, with a 4-wire lead configuration that provides measurements of the highest precision. The trimmable RTD’s easy, cut-to-fit feature allows the user to alter the length of the RTD sheath to fit into various thermowells, pipewells and tubewells. The stainless steel sheath is trimmable, using a commercially available tube cutter, down to a length of 6 inches. The leadwire is constructed of 24 AWG Insulated, stranded wire, color coded Red/Red White/White. The platinum 100 ohm element complies with DIN 43760, and IEC 751, Class B tolerance.

* High accuracy
* Stock a single sensor for various applications
* Fast delivery
* 100 ohm Platinum RTD Sensor
* Maximum service temperature: 400°F (204°C)
* Available Lengths:
.     Minimum Sheath Length – 6 inches
.     Maximum Sheath Length – 5 feet
.     Maximum Leadwire Length – 20 feet

To order, specify the leadwire length in inches, followed by the sheath length in inches:
Example: RTD43W4-SS25-TR(120″)-24″