For many years, the semiconductor industry has been considered one of the largest contributors in global technological developments, and that is expected to continue well into the coming years. The growth of the semiconductor manufacturing industry is expected to steadily increase, in part due to the emerging technologies in industry segments, including driverless and connected cars, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G communication, Internet of Things (IoT) and more.

The growth of the semiconductor industry and the increase in technically advanced gadgets go hand-in-hand. Technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of people’s lifestyles, creating more demand for semiconductor devices such as chips, sensors, microcontrollers, circuits, displays and cells. Along with this, the increase in applications of AI, IoT, smart homes, computer systems, and more also creates more demand for efficient sensors and semiconductor chips.

Semiconductor sales are currently strong and growing in many industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare diagnostics, and aerospace. Artificial Intelligence is also noted as one of the fastest-growing segments in the industry at this time.

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