Coming June 27-29 in Shanghai

Conax Technologies is looking forward once again to attending and exhibiting at SEMICON China. We’ll join thousands of semiconductor professionals from around the world to discuss and demonstrate the latest technology and industry trends.

Standard and custom-designed solutions for a variety of semiconductor applications

Conax manufactures a wide range of both standard and customized thermocouple designs used on virtually all the leading diffusion furnaces. Visit Conax at Booth E3350 to see our high-precision temperature sensors for the semiconductor industry, including Epi, Profile and Spike Thermocouples, as well as HAST feedthroughs designed to provide a leak-proof seal.

You’ll also learn about our EtchDefender™ technology that extends the life of quartz thermocouple sheaths in ASM® Epsilon® epitaxial reactors and lowers your annual spend.

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If you won’t be attending the show but would like to learn more about our solutions for the semiconductor industry, visit our website.

To discuss specific solutions for your company, please contact us or call +1 800 223 2389.

China Sales Office Contact:
[email protected]
Room 505, Building 5, No.658 Jinzhong Road, Changning District, Shanghai City,
China 200335

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