Profile & Spike Thermocouples

Profile & Spike Thermocouples

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Profile and Spike Thermocouples for Vertical and Horizontal Furnaces

Conax profile thermocouples are high-precision temperature sensors, standard or custom designed for the semiconductor, solar and LED industries.  These thermocouples are engineered to address the critical process temperature measurement and control required for those industries.  We manufacture a wide range of thermocouple designs used on virtually all the leading diffusion furnaces:

  • ASM®
  • BTI/Tempress
  • MRL
  • ATV Technologies
  • Centrotherm
  • SVCS
  • Aviza/SVG/Thermco
  • TEL
  • Kokusai
  • Tystar

Choose from one of our standard designs for either vertical or horizontal type furnaces, or let us work with you to develop a customized design.  Both profile and spike thermocouples are available in the following Pt–Rh noble metal calibrations: Type B, Type R and Type S – along with base metal calibrations Type K and Type N

Here are examples of standard profile thermocouples we offer...

Profile Thermocouples for ASM® A4XX Family of Vertical Furnaces
Conax offers Profile thermocouples for the A4XX furnace. Shown is a standard 5-zone configuration. Product design options include extra thick or removable sheaths, vacuum feedthroughs for the lead wires and abilities to customize other product features.
10-1440 ASM




Profile Thermocouples for Kokusai Family of Vertical Furnaces
Conax offers Profile thermocouples for Kokusai furnaces such as the Vertron® series show – available with either quartz or SiC sheaths.

10-2123 KE


Profile Thermocouples for the TEL Family of Vertical Furnaces

Conax offers Profile thermocouples for TEL furnaces such as the Alpha® series shown.
10-1855 TEL




Profile Thermocouples for Horizontal Furnaces
Conax offers many versions for horizontal profile thermocouples, typically 3-zone units, that have sheaths with or without quartz socket mounts and various connector configurations.

Horizontal Profile Image

The internal thermocouples are typically supplied in a 3-zone or 5-zone configuration. The thermocouple wire can populate either a single 6-hole or 10-hole insulator. Alternatively, the wires can populate three or five 2-hole insulators.

Connectorization is accommodated by standard or miniature 2-pin connectors.  Multi-pin screw or bayonet-style connectors are also offered.  The lead wire between the probe and the connectors run continuously using the same noble metal thermocouple wire that is installed in the quartz sheath. As a cost savings option, Conax may transition to extension grade wire for the lead wires.

Spike thermocouples may be ordered as single or dual (two measuring junctions). Dual spike thermocouples are often used as a redundant measurement in case one circuit fails. Dual spike thermocouples may also be used to track sensor drift. This is accomplished by populating one of the dual circuits with a different calibration wire (typically R, S or B) than the other circuit. As the thermocouple circuits age, they will drift. Different calibrations will drift at different rates. Comparing the rate of drift differential will give an indication as to the amount of drift the particular dual spike thermocouples is seeing, and by extension, the rate of drift for the other spike thermocouples. Spike thermocouple recalibration or replacement decisions may be made based on objective criterion rather than arbitrary time-based maintenance schedules.

Spike Single

Spike Dual

We offer different tip configurations for both single and dual spike thermocouples as illustrated below...

Spike Slot

Tip Configuration

Chisel Tip Configuration

Chisel Tip Configuration

V-Grove Tip Configuration

V-Grove Tip Configuration

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