Highlighting a rich heritage in the aerospace industry

Conax Technologies will be attending the 4th Annual Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum that will be held in Chengdu, China October 21st and 22nd. This two-day Forum gives us an ideal opportunity to highlight the custom-designed solutions Conax has developed for the aerospace industry.

Conax parts have been utilized on the world’s leading commercial passenger jets. Through the years, we’ve worked directly with industry leaders to design, build, test, and deliver high-quality cable and harness assemblies and temperature sensors for a wide variety of engines and applications, including:

  • Vibration cables for the CF6 80 Series engine
  • Mineral insulated cable
  • Cables for NEO 320 engines
  • Cable assemblies for large Frame ground-based turbines
  • Brake temperature system thermocouples
  • Cabin/Fuselage Thermistor temperature sensors
  • Combination Compressor temperature and pressure pickup sensors
  • Exhaust gas temperature probes for CFM-56 engines
  • APU air inlet RTDs
  • Inner turbine temperature sensors

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If you’re planning to attend the Forum, stop by and see us. Or click here to learn more about the customized aerospace solutions Conax offers.