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A 50-year heritage in the Aerospace industry

Conax Technologies’ rich heritage in the Aerospace industry began during the infancy of the space program. When John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth as part of NASA’s Project Mercury, Conax Technologies’ explosive activated valves went with him.

Building on that success, Conax parts were used in development of fighter aircraft, including the F-16 Fighting Falcon for the United States Air Force and the Rolls Royce V22 Osprey for the US Department of Defense.

Conax parts have also been utilized in the Airbus—one of the world’s leading commercial passenger jets—as well as in Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and CFM56 engines.

Your indispensable partner

We know that innovative ideas come from collaboration. By taking the time to understand your unique challenges, we develop the ideal solutions that help you—and your customers—succeed.

Our commitment to providing quality, innovative products on time and at a competitive cost continue to make us an indispensable partner for every customer we serve.

A commitment to quality

For over 50 years, Conax has worked directly with industry leaders to custom design, build, test, and deliver high-quality temperature sensors and cable harness assemblies for a wide variety of engines.

The Quality Management System of Conax Technologies has been assessed by NSF-ISR, and Conax was the first in the industry to receive AS9100D certification.

Customer loyalty

Customer satisfaction and loyalty fuels everything we do. Conax is proud to maintain a Net Promoter Score that is consistently in the 99th percentile, an achievement that less than 5% of other
companies in the industry can match.

Products for the Aerospace industry

Conax works directly with leaders in the industry to custom design, build, test, and deliver high-quality temperatures sensors and cable harness assemblies for a wide variety of engines. Click here for details on products we’ve developed for the aerospace industry.

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