Thanks for helping us get ahead in the cloud

In a recent article at, ESD Alliance Executive Director Robert Smith pays tribute to the pivotal role the semiconductor industry has played in helping to figuratively keep our world spinning throughout the pandemic.

From system design to manufacturing and system integration, Smith credits many of the advances made in the semiconductor industry with helping us all make a reasonably seamless transition to working remotely—a transition that may be here to stay in some sectors.

With much of the economy moving to the cloud over the last 10 years, new opportunities grew throughout the world. Many of the platforms and services we rely on so heavily today—such as teleconferencing, streaming services, smartphone connectivity, and dramatically increased data processing services—rely on technology from the semiconductor industry.

For detailed insights into the role semiconductor technology plays in multiple facets of our lives, you can read the full article here.

Conax joins in saluting the semiconductor industry and the innovative technologies that have helped us navigate one of the most challenging periods in modern history.