The Conax triple-point calibration thermocouple saves time and maintenance costs by monitoring all three temperature zones in a reactor using a single probe.

Industry: Semiconductor

Challenge: A Conax customer needed to calibrate three heating zones and three infrared sensors which control the temperature of the wafer susceptor in an epitaxial barrel reactor.

Solution: The Conax Triple-Point Calibration Thermocouple was installed. A tapered sheath ensures the proper location of the thermocouple measuring junctions in relation to the corresponding infrared sensors inside the guide hope of the susceptor. The original design uses C-type Tungsten/Rhenium thermoelements to supply accurate operation in the 1200°C environment. An inert-gas backfill protects the thermoelements from high temperature oxidation.

Impact: The customer saved maintenance time and money with the triple-point calibration thermocouple, which monitors all three separate temperature zones within the reactor using a single probe.

Custom designs utilizing other thermoelements and additional junction locations are available. Special sheath materials may also be provided.