Triple-Point Calibration TC for Barrel Reactors

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Conax offers a complete selection of both OEM Triple-point calibration thermocouples and special variations that have been customized based on individual fab needs. The Triple-point was designed for use on Applied Materials/Moore Technologies 76XX, 77XX and 78XX Series Epitaxial Barrel Reactors.

The Triple-point sensor allows for the calibration of the 3 infrared (IR) sensors used to monitor susceptor temperature during wafer processing. Because the sensor has 3 measurement junctions, all 3 IR sensors may be calibrated at one time. This saves time and increases repeatability over a single junction sensor because the Triple-point does not have to be re-positioned to calibrate each IR sensor.

The three junctions are precisely located. All units are shipped with a two-temperature calibration, typically at 1100C and 1200C or at customer requested temperatures. Triple-point sensors use C-Type thermocouple wire and Inconel sheath material unless designed otherwise by the customer.

Conax also offers an inspection and recalibration service recommended annually. The inspection includes an X-ray to determine the condition of the internals of the Triple-point sensor.