Conax provided a severe duty cast iron pipe clamp thermocouple to withstand physical field abuse.

Industry: Cryogenics
Application: Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

Customer Requirement: This manufacturer of liquid nitrogen tanks was using a conventional pipe clamp thermocouple to measure pipe temperature externally. The conventional pipe clamp, however, is not very rugged in its design, and the clamps were not holding up to normal physical abuse in the field. They wanted to know if Conax could provide something super heavy duty and almost unbreakable.

Conax Design Solution:  Conax responded with a severe duty cast iron pipe clamp thermocouple. The pipe fitting consists of an enamel-painted cast iron body with a zinc-plated, heat-treated carbon steel U-bolt and nuts to hold the saddle to the pipe. The body provides a 1/2 NPT port. Conax uses a spring-loaded (CSLW) mounting getting to maintain secure contact of thermocouple with the pipe.

This design is available in other sizes and with any Conax termination head (shown with T8E explosion-proof head).