Conax developed a single-point calibration thermocouple to allow monitoring of multiple temperature zones within a reactor.

Challenge: A Conax customer needed to calibrate the infrared temperature sensors which control the temperature of the wafer susceptor within a reactor. There are three heating zones and three infrared sensors that need to be calibrated. The customer wanted a low-cost, single-junction thermocouple that could be used for different versions of the reactor with heating zones at different locations.

Solution: Conax designed a single-point calibration thermocouple with a single-junctioned thermocouple at each zone.  This thermocouple uses a K-type thermoelement with a Haynes 214 sheath. The small-diameter sheath ensures adequate clearance of the thermocouple sheath inside the guide hole of the susceptor.

Impact: This solution saves the customer money and allows monitoring of all three separate temperature zones within the reactor.