Conax 3-zone and 5-zone profile thermocouples offer the ideal balance between a competitive price and longer life.

Challenge: Customers who use diffusion or oxidation furnaces need a cost-effective way to accurately control process temperatures inside their furnaces.

Solution: Conax offers 3-zone and 5-zone profile thermocouples for both vertical and horizontal furnaces. Sheath material is semiconductor grade quartz in 8mm, 10mm or 12mm outside diameters. The quartz sheaths may be equipped with a 28/15 quartz socket for mating up to quartz ball joint for furnaces that require this specification.

The internal thermocouples can populate either a single 6-hole or 10-hole insulator. Alternatively, the wires can populate three or five 2-hole insulators. Standard thermocouple calibration types include R, S, B and K. Various wire diameters are available.

Impact: Our customers achieved the optimum balance between low price and thermocouple life.