Conax implemented its new MHM6 seal fitting with a Grafoil sealant for a high pressure pump assembly application.

Company: Pump Assembly Facility

Challenge: A pump assembly facility needed a seal fitting capable of sealing 80 PTFE-insulated, 24 AWG, Type j thermocouple wires (40 pairs) in nitrogen gas at 3750 psi and 205°C.

The customer required the performance of hydro static pressure test at 3750 psi and 70°F for 10 minutes with no visible leakage or wire movement permitted. A certificate of conformance was also required.

Solution:  Conax used its new MHM6 seal fitting with a Grafoil sealant. The assembly contained 120″ leads on the body side. The Conax description is MHM6-24T(J)-A80- G, 120″/24″.

Impact:  According to the customer, Conax is the only vendor capable of sealing 80 wires for this high pressure application.