Industry: Petrochemical
Application: Deep Gas Wells

Customer Requirement:  This customer needed a compression seal that would permit easy field installation and sealant replacement for a profiling thermocouple assembly with extremely long thermocouples. A Conax competitor supplied the thermocouples, but they could not provide an answer to their sealing needs. The application parameters include gland pressures of 2000 psi and temperatures to 650°F (343°C).

Conax Design Solution:  Our DSPG150-125-A6-G double split packing gland allows the customer to pre-assemble the thermocouples through the gland body (6 per gland), then install the seat, sealant and follower around them. This allows the customer to mount and seal in the field with very limited labor time. This solution also provides all the other advantages of Conax sealing glands such as the replaceable sealant and the ability to adjust immersion depth in the field.