Conax Miniature Bearing Sensors (MBS)

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The bearings of industrial rotating equipment operate under arduous conditions - often for considerable periods of time. The most reliable indicator of bearing condition is the temperature of the metal beneath the shoe.

Recognition of rising temperature can provide a warning of the breakdown of the lubricating oil film; thus allowing machine shutdown and maintenance to take place - avoiding the probable catastrophic failure of the bearing and possible damage to its mounting. Conax Miniature Bearing Sensors provide a simple and cost-effective method to monitor bearing temperatures.


* For embedded applications in rotating machines
* RTDs - 100 ohm platinum, 0.00385 ohm/ohm/¡C
* Thermocouples types J, K, T & E
* Single and duplex sensors
* Various styles and sizes
* Operating Temperature: to +250°F (+120°C)