Conax RTD Assemblies with Terminal Heads and Adjustable Mounting

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Example: RTD43W3-316SS25-T5AL(PG4AL)-12.00″

RTD assemblies can be supplied with a wide variety of terminal head styles to meet application needs. Adjustable mounting fittings using Conax Technologies “soft seal” PG (Packing Gland) Fittings allow the immersion depth of the sheath to be easily adjusted in the field and provide pressure or vacuum sealing against gases or liquids. Fittings are shipped untorqued. Fitting models are offered in different sizes and with various sealant materials to ensure proper function in a wide range of environments. Additional information on sealing options, as well as sealant temperature and pressure ratings, can be found in Conax Pressure & Vacuum Sealing Assemblies catalog.