Conax Specialty Tip Configurations

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In addition to our standard tip configurations, the following are available for special applications:


PG – Pointed, Grounded
PU – Pointed, Ungrounded
* Designed for easy insertion
* Machined with a 60° included angle
* Ideal for taking fast, repetitive readings in penetrable materials
* Not designed for use in human or animal applications


FRU – Fast Response, Ungrounded
* Uses a sterling silver tip for contact and surface temperature measurements where optimum response time and rugged construction characteristics are required.


EP- Exposed, Protected
* Designed for applications demanding fast response.
* The element is exposed within its cavity, and media flow reaches it through drilled orifices.
* Insulation is completely sealed with epoxy resin against liquid or gas penetration.
* Maximum service temperature: 300°F (150°C).