Conax Termination – Compact Connection Head (B Series)

Conax Termination – Compact Connection Head (B Series)

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* Compact, lightweight head for convenient hookup of customer extension wire
* Nickel-plated for corrosion resistance
* Zinc-plated brass terminal posts secured on a ceramic terminal block
* Accepts up to 14 AWG wire
* Easy removal and access – loosen two screws and turn cover slightly
* Service temperature upper limit: 300°F (150°C)
* Size (reference): 1.2″ OD x 2.4″ L, 0.2 lb.
* Grommet hole diameter: 0.234″ (reference)
* B2 accepts two leadwires
* B3 accepts three leadwires
* B4 accepts four leadwires
* Mounting port 1/4″ NPT (standard), 1/8″ NPT (optional)


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