Conax Termination – Fiberglass Insulated Lead for Thermocouples (T2)

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This termination features swaged magnesium oxide insulation surrounding the elements, with silicone-impregnated fiberglass leadwire insulation swaged approximately 3/4″ into the sheath.

* The fiberglass insulation protects the integral leadwires under mildly adverse atmospheric conditions (not recommended where excessive vibration and abrasion are encountered).
* Standard cold end lead length is 24″. Longer leads are available on request. Specify in feet, e.g. T2(3FT).
* Available with the following sheath sizes: 0.062″ (AWG 30 leadwire), 0.125″ (AWG 24 leadwire), and 0.187″ (AWG 20 leadwire). Maximum sheath length is 5 ft.
* Service temperature upper limit: 700°F (370°C)