Hazardous Location Power Lead Feedthrough (HLPL)

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CSA™ Certified in the U.S. and Canada with a Pressure Rating of 725 PSIG

HLPL power lead fittings provide pressure/vacuum sealing on Kapton™ insulated solid leadwires. HLPL glands seal against gasses and liquids, resist element movement under pressure.


  • Pressure rated to 1500 PSI max, NPT threads only
  • Suitable for gas or liquid
  • GraFoil™ sealant
  • Teflon™ sleeves to protect wires from damage as they exit either end of feedthrough
  • 316/316L SST body and 303 SST B cap, different SST grades to minimize potential galling issues
  • Supplied with 18” (minimum) leads on both sides, contact factory for longer lengths
  • Additional mounting options may be applied per specific customer application. Consult factory for details.

CSA™ is a trademark of Canadian Standards Association™
GraFoil™ is a trademark of NeoGraf Solutions™
Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company™