Process Analyzer Sample Probe Assembly (SPA) with Conax Technologies Packing Gland (PG)

Process Analyzer Sample Probe Assembly (SPA) with Conax Technologies Packing Gland (PG)

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*Retaining Chain Kit

User Cautions

Sample Probe Assembly

Conax’s SPA Quote Request form is available to identify the full range of process conditions Conax requires to develop a design solution. Please complete this form and email it to

* The end user must take the necessary safety precautions when loosening the cap of the Conax Fitting when inserting or extracting the Sample Probe into pressurized environments.
* The end user is responsible to control any leakage of process that may occur during insertion or extraction of the Sample Probe.
* The end user is responsible for determining the appropriate Sample Probe material, diameter and wall thickness for the process environment and flow rates
* Conax Technologies is not responsible for the operation of the Conax PG Fitting assembly once the cap is loosened to allow for the insertion or extraction of the Sample Probe.
* Typically, when properly installed, the angled Sample Probe tip should have the long side upstream. This reduces the particulates entering the Sample Probe and into the process analyzer filter.
* The Sample Probe immersion length should be designed to obtain a process sample close to the center third of the pipe.
* It is suggested that the end user mark the Sample Probe end with an indelible ink marker relative to the angled end for proper orientation into the process.

Retaining Chain Kit

* Retaining chain assembly is not intended to assist or control the insertion/extraction of the sample probe. The operator is responsible for restraint of the sample probe at all times.
* Chain must be kept as short as possible to function properly. Some minor slack in the chain will be present when sample probe is inserted. The retaining chain kit is not intended for impact loads. If it is subject to an impact load, all parts must be inspected/replaced as required.
* Periodically inspect restraint system. Re-torque probe collar and threaded connector. Replace parts as necessary.
* Maximum design pressure for the retaining chain kit is 500 PSIg. (< .500″ (12.70mm) Sample Probe diameter.)
* Prior to installing the SPA gland into the process valve port, install the front retaining washer over the PG Fitting pipe thread.


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